Frequently Asked Questions about Mobi-Remit

“Remittance” is the act of transferring money between two or more people/businesses.

Mobi-Remit is an online service that allows you to instantly send money abroad from a smartphone, tablet or computer to a Mobile Money Wallet or bank account of the receiving party.

Visit the website ( or download the Mobi-Remit app) and signup for an account by registering using your name and mobile phone number. Upon signup, you will receive an SMS notification with a one-time use password which you will use for your first time login. You will be requested to change the password to a more memorable one.

Upon successful login, you will be required to add and verify your VISA/MasterCard details to securely link your payment details to your Mobi-Remit account. This is a one-time process. Thereafter, you will be required to enter the recipient/s country, mobile or account number and the amount (USD) you wish to send. Your card account will be debited and the recipient mobile or bank account instantly credited.

In order for one to send money to Kenya, the sender needs to register on:

a code will be sent to your mobile phone which you will use for your first time login after which you will change to your preferred password.

You will then need to add your payment card details (i.e MasterCard or Visa).

This process is done once only during setup.

After successfully adding and verifying the card, you will from then on simply input:

1. Your recipient mobile number or bank account and

2. The amount to send, and click on the send money button.

The money will instantly be credited to the mobile/bank account.

Mobi-Remit will notify you via email once your card has been charged for the transfer and also via SMS once the recipient receives the cash on their mobile phones or bank accounts. Successful transactions will also have a confirmation number attached and viewable on your dashboard. Our platform allows you to view all your transactions on your dashboard with the following status information.


"SENT" or "COMPLETED" or "SUCCESS"       successful transfer has been effected.

"INCOMPLETE" or "PENDING"      the user abandoned the transfer mid-way and no charge was done. The transaction will not be automatically re-tried.

FAILED      transaction was not successful and your card was not charged

INVALID      the card details provided were incorrect

<>      the user abandoned the transfer mid-way and no charge was done The transaction will not be automatically re-tried.

Sending money using Mobi-Remit platform is extremely safe. Mobi-Remit uses a multi-layered, global bank-grade industry standard SSLs for all its data encryption to protect all online transactions as well as a suite of security algorithms. Please see the trust logos from Comodo and VeriSign on Mobi-Remit webpages.

It is much faster and safer to send money online than carrying large amounts to a physical transfer agent.

You can currently send money from any country globally; to Kenya, Tanzania (Vodacom) and Uganda (MTN). We are in the process of identifying and adding new locations. If you wish to send to a country not currently supported, you may send us an email to

You can send money from anywhere anytime 24/7.

The amounts of money one can send depends with the country’s policies and rules. Sending limits also vary depending on how you pay for the transfer. Card payments often have a different limit to payments from your bank account. To check the limit for your particular transfer, simply enter how much you would like to send into the “Send To” calculator. It will tell you if you exceed the maximum.

Instantly. Unless you select the "Next-day transfer" option.

When your cash has been sent, you will receive it through local mobile money wallets or bank account and you can withdraw from the numerous mobile money agents situated near you.

You will receive an SMS notification immediately money is sent to your mobile phone over the Mobi-Remit platform.

You will be required to add and verify a VISA or MasterCard.

It is a digital wallet service, available in many countries, that lets users store, send and receive money using their mobile phones.
Its safe, easy electronic payments make Mobile Money a popular alternative to bank accounts. It can be used on both smartphones and basic feature phones

For security purposes, you need to verify each card you add to your Mobi-Remit account. This is done by providing a 4-digit AUTH CODE that is sent to you via your card's bank account for the add card transaction. Cards that have been successfully verified on 3DS during the add card transaction may optionally manually submit the cards image having obscured the first 12-digits of the card number.

You can reach us anytime through our 24/7 email or using our online chat support, phone and technical support and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible. If your query relates to a transaction, please also mention your transaction ID.

To know whether or not a transaction was succesful login and click on 'My Transactions' tab. Only transactions which show the status 'SENT' have been charged on your card and are successful

You can calculate the cost of sending money using our calculator on the home page, as it varies with the amount being sent and the exchange rate. The amount of money you need to send in USD is given as 'Amount to send (USD)' and the amount of money your recepient receives is given as 'Amount To Receive or Receive' in the local currency. The amount of money billed for the entire transaction is given as 'Total Amount Charged (USD) or Total To Pay (USD)' which is inclusive of all transaction related costs

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